Do you sometimes audition and screw it up because of your fear?

Do you sometimes audition and screw it up because of your fear?

London, United Kingdom

When it comes time to perform the audition do you just freeze and it feels like it's the time you are ever acting and all you can think about is: they don’t like it, they think I’m bad?
Is it really frustrating to you, because in class you are actually very free, open to feedback and not afraid to try new things?
Do you leave an audition knowing exactly what went wrong and always receive the same feedback, which not only leaves you feeling disheartened but also makes you feel insecure?

Wouldn't it be great if you could walk into an audition ready to go and only focus on playing your part?
Imagine what that would be like to not have the nervousness there.
You would be going into every audition just able to focus on what really matters in the moment: your character, script and scene.

A lot of actors fail to overcome their audition fears because they make three common mistakes. To discover what these mistakes are and how to fix them, go to:

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